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Customized Autism Treatment Plan

Customized Autism Treatment Plan

Each Caravel Autism Health treatment plan is personalized to the child we are serving.

Raising a child with autism is difficult. Children living with autism don’t possess typical social relations skills, there is often a lack of connection. Autism can create a heartbreaking distance between parent and child.

At Caravel Autism Health, we believe that every child with autism deserves an independent, happy life and to connect with the world. Our goal is to create learning experiences during treatment that impart skills that a child can use in day to day life to connect more fully with others.

Every Caravel Autism Health treatment plan is personalized to the child we are helping. We develop autism treatment plans for children ages 2 through 18. Our autism health specialists come to your home to work closely with your child in a natural environment. The most effective autism treatment plans are clinically rigorous programs that start early in a child’s life. The average length of our treatment plans are 18 to 24 months. During this time, our specialists work side by side with your child to teach skills, foster a sense of connection and build confidence.

Every autism treatment plan is rooted in the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA therapy has been endorsed by the Surgeon General of the United States and the National Institute for Mental Health for the treatment of autism. ABA therapy is a scientific approach to understanding behavior, how the environment affects behavior, and how learning takes place.
ABAPositive reinforcement is one of the key principles of behavior analysis. Positive reinforcement encourages “good” behavior by rewarding that behavior. Rewarding good behavior encourages a child to repeat that good behavior. Our specialists help children build a sense of connection with others that wasn’t there before treatment.

Our autism treatment plans are designed to enable communication and optimize brain development. They help children with autism reduce their stress and frustration, allowing them to experience freedom and success in interacting with the world around them.

A child’s initial treatment plan is created based on initial diagnosis and evaluation. Throughout the course of treatment, Caravel Autism Health’s experts are constantly gathering data, monitoring the child’s progress, and making adjustments to their treatment plan accordingly.

Our specialists work with families across Northern Illinois and throughout Wisconsin. 


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