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Caravel’s Autism Treatment Philosophy

Caravel’s Autism Treatment Philosophy

At Caravel Autism Health, we are dedicated to creating treatment plans that meet the individualized needs of the children and families we serve.

These plans are rooted in positive reinforcement, which encourages “good” behavior by rewarding that behavior. Rewarding good behavior encourages a child to repeat that good behavior. Our specialists help children build a sense of connection with others that wasn’t there before treatment.

Our holistic autism treatment plans are designed to enable communication and optimize brain development. They help children with autism reduce their stress and frustration, allowing them to experience freedom and success in interacting with the world around them. Throughout the course of treatment, Caravel Autism Health’s experts are constantly gathering data, monitoring the child’s progress, and making adjustments to the child’s treatment plan accordingly.

Our specialists work with families across Northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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Clinical Updates

Caravel’s team of licensed clinical psychologists and autism specialists track the progress of our clients and their families through treatment and provide regular clinical updates. These ongoing assessments will contribute to your child’s treatment planning and therapy. To learn more, please click here.


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