Common Myths

Common Myths About ABA Therapy?

I’ve heard that ABA therapy is too rigid. I’m worried my child won’t respond well to a rigid program.

At Caravel Autism Health, our treatment plans are specially designed for the needs of children with autism. We recognize that children with autism need structure in order to learn. They also need help with focus. At the same time, our ABA therapy programs are rooted in positive reinforcement. We work to provide a safe and supportive environment in your home that facilitates progressive learning and skills building.


ABA therapy can’t address all of my child’s issues. I need a team of specialists.

Caravel Autism Health’s treatment plans are, by design, holistic programs. Our diagnosticians and autism health specialists create a plan to address all of the challenges and skills deficits that your child is facing. Our specialists work with children to build trust and create an environment where anything is possible. We help children with autism to build non-verbal communication skills. We work with them on verbal skills. We interact closely to assist with the development of gross and fine motor skills. In short, we strive to create a treatment plan that addresses everything your child needs.


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