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Support From Psychotherapy

Support From Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is geared toward high-functioning children and adolescents who need behavioral, social and emotional support. While treatment plans are individualized for each client’s needs, psychotherapy sessions typically revolve around the development of appropriate social skills, gaining and applying emotional management strategies and improving cognitive flexibility.

Individual psychotherapy also provides a natural step down for those clients who have been receiving ABA therapy but no longer require such an intensive service.

Family Support

The primary goal of family support is to provide education and guidance related to the diagnosis of ASD and its interventions. Following the start of ABA services, families are tracked into family support and work with a psychologist at varying levels of frequency (e.g., weekly, every other week or monthly) based on their individual needs. The psychologist works closely with a family’s treatment team to ensure continuity of care and the best possible outcomes for the client.

Our providers also are happy to work with the siblings of diagnosed children to help them navigate life with a brother or sister on the autism spectrum and provide them with a space to address their own individual emotional needs.


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