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Could My Child Be on the Autism Spectrum?

The Caravel Autism Health
Pediatric Development Screener

Parents are often the first to notice that their child is different. At Caravel Autism Health, we are autism health specialists committed to working with families to help them identify the underlying cause for a child’s behavior.

To assist families in determining whether a child is exhibiting behaviors that may indicate that he or she is on the autism spectrum, we have developed a simple screening tool. The screening tool is a series of “true or false” statements.

Could My Child Be on the Autism Spectrum?

Please select the true or false statement most consistent with your child. If the statement is true or mostly true, then select true. If the statement is false or mostly false, then select false.
My child is rarely sensitive to sounds and does not cover his/her ears when upset.
My child almost always turns to look at me when I address him or her.
My child rarely holds items close to his or her eyes or looks at things from unusual angles.
My child does not like to stare excessively at lights, mirrors, ceiling fans or falling objects.
My child is a good eater and eats a wide variety of foods.
My child never flaps his/her hands or becomes rigid when excited or angry.
My child has good coordination and has no difficulty with age-appropriate, fine-motor tasks.
My child points with his or her index finger to draw my attention to objects.
My child usually seeks out other children his or her own age when they are near.
My child would rather play with other children than do his or her own thing.
My child almost always looks me in the eye when I talk to him or her.
My child can easily imitate actions, words and facial expressions.
My child can label and request most objects and actions.
My child rarely insists that things be done the way they are usually done.
My child rarely insists that things be done his or her own way.
My child rarely needs routine and is very flexible with unplanned changes.
My child is fairly compliant and usually follows my directions.
My child easily follows verbal instructions and directions.
My child does not rock, jump, spin or move around excessively.
My child follows rules we have discussed, even when I am not around.

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