Evaluation & Autism Diagnosis

Evaluation & Autism Diagnosis

Obtaining the proper diagnosis is the first step to helping a child with autism.

Under the best of circumstances, parenting is challenging. When a child is diagnosed with autism, the challenges increase. At Caravel Autism Health, we are devoted to helping families living with autism confront those challenges. We help families understand what autism is and how it affects their child’s development.

We offer a research-based treatment program that helps children living with autism reshape their development and embrace new ways of interacting with the world.

Our specialists are trained to recognize the early signs of autism. At Caravel Autism Health, our trained diagnosticians perform a thorough evaluation. They review a wide range of medical and developmental information, including data about medical history, medications, birth and early development. They talk with parents and caregivers to explore abilities and any behavioral issues related to language, sensory tolerance and motor skills. Our diagnosticians observe and interact with each child, carefully evaluating factors like what gets a child’s attention and what provides motivation. They watch for signs, such as simplification strategies during play, that may suggest that a child is on the autism spectrum.

Obtaining the proper diagnosis is the first step to helping a child who may be living with autism. If you believe that your child may have an autism spectrum disorder, please click below to take our Pediatric Development Screener.


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