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Your Child’s Clinical Team

Your Child’s Clinical Team

A team of autism specialists is designated for every child in a Caravel Autism Health treatment plan. Our team approach ensures that each family we serve receives the highest levels of treatment, support and responsiveness that we can provide.


Our behavior technicians provide one-on-one treatment for children, primarily in the home environment. They implement programs and behavioral strategies to help each child progress and develop skills.  Behavior technicians are also responsible for documenting this progression and skills development.


Senior therapists assess a child’s baseline functioning and progress. They are responsible for managing a child’s overall treatment plan. They train and manage our behavior technicians, ensuring that treatment strategies are being applied in a consistent and effective manner. Senior therapists work with parents to assess needs and design treatment protocols that help children to develop verbal, behavior and cognitive skills.


Clinical supervisors train and manage our senior therapists, working with them to ensure quality delivery of treatment. Clinical supervisors also act as resources. They provide advanced support for senior therapists and behavior technicians, ensuring that each child’s treatment plan is thorough, effective and meeting parent expectations.


BCBA lead therapists oversee programs and personnel. These team members are board certified behavior analysts who develop, guide and direct our treatment plans. They are responsible for evaluating and assessing progress and for the implementation of strategies to ensure that Caravel Autism Health specialists are providing optimal individual care for each family.


Clinical directors are responsible for overall clinic management. They ensure streamlined implementation of treatment by guiding start-up, hiring and quality assurance functions. They are also responsible for timing of treatment.


The executive management team oversees business operations, as well as program and personnel development. In addition, the executive management team is responsible for implementing strategies to ensure that Caravel Autism Health’s team of autism health specialists stays on the cutting edge of autism spectrum disorder treatment.


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